Hitting the books

I like to read. Always have. Even before attending school I had a well-used library card. Family members remember seeing my nose stuck in a book at all times.

While these days I'm more likely to get my textual fix from the daily newspaper, a few magazines, and an ever-growing number of online news sources, I still love a good book.

Books by Family Members:

Sarah has written two books:

The Pursuit of Happiness

Women and the Authority of Scripture

My sister Karen wrote some cookbooks and a nice little gift book:

Dinner Party Cookbook
Kids Are Cookin'
Meals Like Mom Used to Make
Joy of Sisters

My brother-in-law, Dr. Charles Marsh, is a journalism professor at the University of Kansas:

A Quick and Not Dirty Guide to Business Writing
Public Relations: A Values Driven Approach

Heck, even my nephew Barrett Brown is in print, with a funny exposé of Creationism:

A Flock of Dodos

My Reading Lists from Recent Years

What I Read in 2012

What I Read in 2011

What I Read in 2010

What I Read in 2009

What I Read in 2008

What I Read in 2007

What I Read in 2006

Truman (McCullough)

Becoming Justice Blackmun (Greenhouse)

Pompeii (Harris)

What I Read in 2005

What I Read in 2004

What I Read in 2003

Old Favorites

Catch-22 (Heller)


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