Hunter's Family Tree

My parents are champions, and so were their parents.  Here’s my bloodlines.


Mom's a "Chic". At least that's her nickname.

Her real name is Designer Label,
from the Taichung Kennel in Tenina, Washington.

She's a red Shiba.




Great Granddogs

Hiryu of Fujinomiya Kensha

Ryubi of Enshu Tokuyama

Joukicji Yamanashifujikenso
(Japanese Champion)

Takedanoyukihime of Ishiiso


Hideryu of Fujinomiya Kensha

Homaretennome of Gishifujiso


Designer Label of Taichung




Dad's nickname is Pyro. That's short for Dante Inferno.

He was born at Blue Loon Kennel in Minnesota,
where they specialize in black and tan Shibas like him.






Great Granddogs

Fukurinmaru of Gunma Fukuda Kensha

Brushwood Korogi of Langan

Independence Of Taichung

Hatsu of Blue Loon


Power Pack of Hansha

Black Gold of Blue Mountain


Dante Inferno of Blue Loon



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