A Shiba Inu named


Hi! My name is Hunter. Some people think that I'm a Husky or an Akita. Others think I look like a fox or a bear! But really I'm a Shiba Inu.

I was born in August 2000 at Royal Kennels, near Moscow, Ohio. My parents are Pyro and Chic, and they're both champions! When I was only eight weeks old, I was adopted by these two girls.

Now I live in a house. There aren't any other dogs around like back at the kennel, but the girls give me lots of hugs and kisses and the mom likes to pet me. I enjoy taking the dad out for walks all the time, even at 6:30 in the morning! It's fun to romp in piles of leaves and snow, or play catch with a tennis ball. And I just love to meet people!

Although Shiba Inus have lived in Japan for years, we are not very common in the United States. Our breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club only a few years ago. We don't grow too large, only about 20-30 pounds. We can be red (like my mom) or tan and black (like my dad), or a sesame mixture (like me).


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Here is my ancestry, along with pictures of Mom and Dad.


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