Akumal - 1996

The Story

We had fun on our 1991 trip to Cancún. On that trip we had one short snorkeling excursion and we didn't see any of the major ruins. For our next trip to Mexico I wanted to do a lot more of both. We decided on Akumal, a small town about an hour down the coast from Cancún in the Mayan Riviera.

The Club Oasis Akumal is an all-inclusive hotel with a lovely beach, several swimming pools, and this beautiful view of the sunrise over the ocean. It also has a reef right there at the property. I was able to walk straight out the room, into the water, and swim with the fish. Nice.



One day we rented a little VW Beetle and drove out to the Mayan ruins. Our first stop was Tulúm.

You couldn't pick a prettier location for an archeological site. This old Mayan fortress is perched on a coastal cliff for protection. The old Castillo is one of the most photographed sights in the area.

Next we drove inland to the large complex at Cobá. This collection of Mayan pyramids and other buildings is spread out over a large jungle area. These local children emerged from the thicket to pose with Sarah.


The Nohuch Mul pyramid is about 12 stories high. It's taller and steeper than the main Castillo pyramid in Chichen Itza. Without any handrails it is a scary climb up and down again.
We made it! From the top of Nohuch Mul you can see for miles. A few structures poke out of the thick jungle growth.
Another fun outing was a visit to Xel-Ha for more snorkeling. It's a large natural aquarium, filled with many large and brightly colored fish.