Spring Break 2004 in Cancun

What, are we crazy?

The Trip

Jocelyn and Monique had the crazy idea of spending spring break in Cancun. Right... It's crowded and expensive and filled with wild college kids. Is that really the right place for a couple of high school seniors?

But... Kendra is friends with Monique's little sister Alex. And both sets of parents would be there. Oh, what the heck.
So we booked our trip for a week at the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental in Cancun.

The hotel

Jocelyn and Monique at their usual stools in the swim up bar. Bartender Pablo kept them entertained.


We spent a lot of time on the beach, under a palapa with a good book. Kendra is reading Dracula.


The beach at the hotel is wonderful. Lots of white sand, and the groundskeepers insure that it's clean. At the marina we used the Wave Runners and kayaks.


We ate several meals at this open air restaurant on the beach. Here are Jocelyn and Monique, waiting for some lunch.


Several iguanas live in the rocks by the swimming pools. They come out in the mornings to warm themselves in the sun. This one is about three feet long.


Memorable Moments

The hotel staff was excellent. Very friendly and helpful, and they didn't laugh too much at my poor attempts to speak Spanish.

The food was good, too. We ate most meals at the hotel. Best guacamole around.



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