January 2009

While spending a year in Ecuador working with the Manna Project, International, Jocelyn wanted for the rest of the family to come visit her, so on New Year's Day of 2009 we all flew down to Quito.

We stayed at the Hotel Los Alpes. Seņor Claudio will be happy to take care of you there.

The streets of Old Town are narrow and hilly.
Quito is more than 9000 feet above sea level
so it's easy to become tired the first day or two.


Above, the Plaza Mayor. This historic square is the center of the Old Town.

Right, a protest in the square.
The demonstrators created this artwork using agricultural products.
They called it a "mandala".


Inside the Metropolitan Cathedral near the plaza.


Left, the Basilica.

Above, view from the Basilica, looking toward
the statue of La Virgen de Panecillo atop a hill on the south end of the city.