England - 1991

Seeing our British Heritage

The Trip

Our college friends Fred and CC invited us to visit them sometime. We accepted their kind offer while they lived in England. We started our sightseeing in nearby London.

A residential section inside the grounds of the Tower of London. The Tower was my most anticipated destination in England, and it did not disappoint. The Crown Jewels are spectacular.


At the British Museum. To the right of Sarah is the famed black obelisk of Shalamenesec III. Obviously.


Kermit with the famous Rosetta Stone, also at the British Museum.


Memorable Moments

Our first day we visited Hampton Court Palace just outside London. It was a favorite of Henry VIII.

The British Museum was a real treat. All those antiquities, including the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens. I especially enjoyed the library section, where they displayed documents ranging from the Magna Carta to the Beatles.

After completing our tour of the Wesley chapel and museum we asked the kind women there if they could suggest some place near by to eat lunch. "Well, you might think it a bit queer" they answered hesitantly, "but there is a nice little pub round the corner." That suited us just fine. I was ready to try some authentic English beer. The pubmaster there quickly recognized that we were NOT locals and he kindly assisted us. He helped me select a beverage ("a proper beer" he solemnly advised) and sandwiches. Then he proceeded to talk to Sarah at length about something. The funny thing was, I couldn't follow half of what he said because of his British accent. When we sat down I whispered to Sarah "What did he say?" "I don't know!" she replied. "I couldn't understand him!" Sarah had ordered a sandwich with Stilton cheese. We had never tried Stilton before but it sounded good. Man, I nearly gagged!




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