Good Clean Fun in an Ancient City

The Trip

We spent the next two nights in Bath, another beautiful historic city.

The Photos

The view from our bedroom at St. Leonard's B&B in Bathhampton. Tony and Kelveen will be happy for you to join them.

In the distance is Solsbury Hill. Peter Gabriel, formerly of the rock group Genesis, wrote a great song about this hill.


A roundabout with a crown shaped topiary. Quaint, no?


The Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon isn't big or old, just very charming. It consists of a few shops on either side.


Jocelyn from the Pulteney Bridge looking south. Yes, it rained on us yet again.


Dinner at the Pump Room. Kendra and Jocelyn are happy that for once they have a sweet dessert.


After dinner we toured the Roman Baths Museum. It's much more pleasant in the evening after the tour buses leave. The fog from the warm pool looks eerie under the gas lights.


According to the museum, this hairdo was quite popular in Roman times. I thought that the Afro went out in the 70s.


Memorable Moments

For dinner our first night we hiked down the hill to the George Inn pub in Bathhampton. Most of the customers there are locals.

The girls discovered that many desserts in England are not very sweet at all. The sponge cake with berries at the pub and the apple pie at the Sally Lunn House were flavorful but tart.


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