Rock and Roll

The Americans Invade Back

The Trip

London's a swinging place to study the history of rock and roll.

The Photos

Even though the Beatles are from Liverpool, they lived and worked in London. We joined a walking tour of some famous sites. The girls really enjoyed it.

The tour ended at this location. The sign on the building says "Abbey Road Studios". The smiles on the faces say "The Beatles are fab!".


Abbey Road is a rather busy thoroughfare. We managed this quick picture, our attempt to recreate the famous Abbey Road album cover.


Abbey Road again.


While waiting for a table at the original Hard Rock Cafe we gained access to the fabled Vault of priceless heirlooms from the history of rock and roll, and we even got to handle the stuff. Our tourguide was Jacques from South Africa. Here is Jacques with his arm around Kendra, and Jocelyn with her arm around Jacques... Hey!


Kermit on Jimi Hendrix's sofa with Eric Clapton's guitar. Humor him, please. He thinks that he's cool.


Kendra and Jocelyn, with John Lennon's military fatigue jacket. (I didn't even know John was a veteran!)


Memorable Moments

The motorists on Abbey Road must get really tired of tourists having their pictures taken while crossing the walkway. There's no traffic light or anything.

There was so much good stuff at the Hard Rock vault, and they let you handle almost everything. Several young men from Argentina were in our group and Sarah helped to translate for them. They were big fans of the Beatles.


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