Royal Sights in London

We've gone to London to see the Queen

The Trip

What would a visit to England be without dropping in on the royal family? We toured three royal properties while in London-- Buckingham Palace, Kensington House, and the Tower of London.

The Photos

Here we are at Buckingham Palace on our first day in London. We watched the changing of the guard while getting acquainted with a soon-to-be familiar England tradition, rain. Jocelyn was busy checking out the place as a future home. She has her eye on Prince William! Kendra has dibs on Prince Harry. Dad has heartburn.


Across from Buckingham Palace is the Canada Gate, a beautiful entrance to Green Park.


Kensington Palace was the London home for royalty before they moved to Buckingham Palace. Princess Diana also lived there (as did Prince Charles, until he found it a tad chilly). We saw some lovely exhibits of dresses there. Really.


Waiting in line for the tour at Buckingham Palace. We really enjoyed walking through the place and seeing the beautiful rooms and artwork. Kendra kept saying, "Pinch me!" Jocelyn scouted out the place to decide which room she wants after marrying Prince William.


The Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall. We popped into this square and found several brightly uniformed ceremonial soldiers. Jocelyn spoke to this young man but he stood silently at attention. Kendra agreed to join in the photo, keeping her distance because of the sword.


The Tower of London has brightly uniformed soldiers too. They carry automatic weapons, though.


Tower of London. Inside the central White Tower is this old Norman chapel.

Tower of London. Kendra outside the Bloody Tower, where Sir Walter Raleigh spent his final years.


Inside the Tower of London is this beautiful set of townhouses that Henry VIII built for his bride, Anne Boleyn. Not long afterwards she died of a sudden neck injury in the yard nearby.


Memorable Moments

The Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London enjoyed messing around with Jocelyn and Kendra and telling them morbid stories about its history.

In Kensington Gardens is the Round Pond. We were amused by the many goslings that paddled furiously after their mothers and dived when she did.



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