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The Trip

After five days in London we picked up a car and hit the road. The driving didn't scare me, but Jocelyn shut her eyes and put on her headphones. Our first stop was Stonehenge, near Amesbury.

The Photos

Yep, it's big. And impressive.


Another view of Stonehenge with Kendra, Sarah, and Jocelyn.


What's so notable about this photo? It's one of only two photos that has all four of us. (The other was the Abbey Road Crosswalk.)


Down the road a few miles is the ancient city of Salisbury. The Salisbury Cathedral dates back more than 700 years, and the 404 foot tall spire is the tallest in all of England. When the Magna Carta was signed, a copy was sent to Salisbury. The document still resides in the Chapter House in the Close of the Cathedral.


Still in Salisbury, an old city gate. Down the street is a little church that was established in 1222. It remains active to this day.


Memorable Moments

Some tourist save a few pounds at Stonehenge by parking on the roadside and viewing the ruins from outside the fenced area, where there's no admission fee. One English lady handed me her camera asked if I would take a few photos from inside the grounds. She became quite nervous when I scampered away. (I was just trying to get a better viewpoint.)

Salisbury is a pretty little place. We only had an hour to spend there. I plan to return some day.


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