New Delhi
A Trip to India
October 2006

Sarah Heaner Lancaster and friends from Church of the Messiah attended the 150th year celebration of Methodism in India. The event was held in October 2006 at the Isabella Thoburn College in Lucknow.


Mahatma Gandhi Memorial, on the site where he was cremated.


Qutub Minar.


The iron pillar.


Detail of wall at Qutub Minar.


Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum, in the home of the former Prime Minister.


The walkway where Indira Gandhi was assassinated, covered in glass to resemble a flowing river.


The glass at the end of the walkway is etched with Indira Gandhi's words: "If I die a violent death, I know the violence will be in the thought and the action of my assassin, not in my dying--for no hate is dark enough to overshadow the extent of my love for my people and my country."


The India Gate, a memorial to soldiers who died in World War I.


The market.


At the train station, a seller of milk washes out his jugs .