Niagara Falls - 2003


For spring break 2003, we headed out of the country for a family vacation? To sunny Mexico? No, that would be too ordinary. Dad decided on something more unusual. Canada!


We stayed at the Andrea's B&B in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Kendra, Sarah, and Jocelyn in front of the American Falls. The Horseshoe Falls are being them. The ice was still very thick around the falls.

Beside the Horseshoe Falls. You can get really close.


There's a Hershey's chocolate store downtown with this huge candy bar.

Jocelyn and I went horseback riding one afternoon.


We visited a butterfly conservatory nearby. Jocelyn convinced one of them to pose with her.

Kendra found a butterfly wearing burnt orange. Hook 'em!


On the way back home, we detoured through Cleveland to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


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