New York City - 2007

The Story

Back in 2004 we spent spring break in Cancun at Jocelyn's request, as a kind of reward for graduating from high school. Kendra decided back then that she wanted the same favor. Kendra and her friend Emily picked out New York City as their special destination. Three years later that's exactly what we did.

Central Park on a pleasant Saturday afternoon.


At the Guggenheim Museum. The museum was partially closed for renovation so we didn't see the full collection.


The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is huge, and packed with well known pieces.

Sarah stands next to one of her favorites, van Gogh's "Starry Night".

Kermit has a fondness for Chagall.


We also visited the American Museum of Natural History. The skeleton of an Allosaurus greets you at the main entrance. Kendra and Emily are scared. We also enjoyed looking at their collection of gemstones and meteorites.


New York City likes to honor people by naming a short section of a street after them. In the Upper West Side near Union Theological Seminary, West 120th Street at Broadway is called Reinhold Niebuhr Place in tribute to the famous theologian. Reinhold Niebuhr. Oh, go ask Sarah.