San Miguel de Allende - 2005

Sunset over la Iglesia de las Monjas

The Story

Mom planned to visit San Miguel de Allende in June to attend the wedding of her friend David. This lovely little city in central Mexico was Mom's home for several years and she returns there frequently. (We visited there once before, in 1998.) We decided that this would be a wonderful opportunity for Kendra to practice speaking Spanish. Kermit needed to accompany her there since Sarah was otherwise busy at a conference, and Jocelyn didn't want to be left out. Mom's friend Candy heard about the trip so she and her daughter Jessica showed up as well.

We stayed at a pretty little home near the Parque Juarez. Like many houses in the area, this one is built around a central courtyard. We ate breakfast out here every morning and often sat around visiting or reading.


Centro Mexicano de Lengua y Cultura, where Kendra studied Spanish. Seņora Hernandez runs the school, which offers lessons in both English and Spanish.


The Tuesday Market offers all sorts of goods-- food, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and even puppies.