Switzerland 2010
Lucerne and Geneva
October 2010


We started our trip in the Lucerne, or Luzern as it is spelled in German.
This is the land of William Tell and of Heidi.

The Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) is Lucerne's most famous landmark.
The bridge is decorated with colorful flowers..

Swiss chocolate is widely available, and very tempting.

Sampling the wares at the Rathaus Brauerie.
On some mornings there is a market along the river bank.
Sarah shops for some souvenirs at the market.
Another famous landmark is the Löwendenkmal, the image of a dying lion.
This monument honors the Swiss mercenaries who died in the French Revolution.

We made a day trip to Mount Pilatus.
To reach the peak of this rugged mountain requires riding two suspended gondolas.

Halfway up Mount Pilatus and there's already several inches of snow.

At the top, Sarah enjoys a cup of hot Swiss chocolate.



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